The idea that the structural foundation of a building is as important as the relationship between client and builder is the core of Evolving Construction. These fundamental ideas have and will continue to allow us to achieve a successful approach to building with both a social and environmental conscious.

Henry Power

Senior Architect at HODGKISON

Senior Architect at HODGKISON

Thoughtful person, lateral thinker, capable manager, highly skilled, preventive strategies and very detailed and considered craftsmanship. Every architect needs a Kane builder!

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To call Kane Harrison a ‘builder’ is to severely understate his craftsmanship and vast range of talents and skills.

His flexibility to work with and around a very difficult design concept, his practical yet aesthetically-pleasing suggestions and his attention to detail ensured that our house was both functional and finished to the highest standards.

His integrity and commitment to the environment was clearly evident in the way he utilised the trees that had to be felled to comply with bush fire regulations. The covered walk way, wooden bench tops and ‘quirky’ letter box he crafted from the timber are among the star features of our house.

Kane is one of those highly intelligent people who is also artistically gifted so in reality he could have picked any career he chose.

It was our good fortune that he has put those considerable talents to work building not just a house, but a place we could call ‘home’. We cannot recommend Kane highly enough.

Christine & Andrew Lo

Project - Fernmount

Project - Fernmount

Robyn Williamson

Project - Longwood

Project - Longwood

Kane Harrison was nominated to build our retirement home in Mudgee in 2014. Kane is fastidious, a good communicator, patient and interested in explaining how and why things were best approached while following the architect’s plans. His attention to even the smallest detail gave us confidence in his ability to build the home we wanted. He is passionate about wood and the finished house is a testament to his skills as a builder.

Kane is not local to the area and had to find a team locally who were capable of maintaining his high standards of workmanship. This was difficult but his patience was remarkable and he was able to gain the respect of those who worked with him.

The house is architecturally designed to capture the 180 degree views and is primarily timber, steel, a lot of glass and one wall of rammed earth.

The weather in Mudgee can be extreme but Kane kept the build going except for 3 or 4 days when the conditions became impossible so the course of the build progressed at a greater rate than it normally might have done. I have no hesitation in recommending Kane as a builder.

Two years ago we started the process of building our dream family home in Drummoyne. We engaged an architect, designed our home and with several challenges our plans were approved. We went to market looking for an experienced builder and after meeting with four we decided to engage Kane Harrison from Evolving Construction due to his honest communication style, the advice he gave and a like mindedness to what we wanted to achieve with the build.

From the start of the process to the end, we could not have been happier with our dealings with Kane and his team. We ended up having a falling out with our architect and fortunately for us Kane stepped up and filled that gap.

As our builder he has an amazing eye for detail, ran an efficient and effective team and ran a very professional site – we could not believe how clean the site was left at the end of each day!

The thing that we think set Kane apart was his ability to partner with us throughout the build to get the best possible result for us. Despite challenges that presented themselves, Kane made the process as seamless as possible.

David & Rebecca Smith

Project - Carriageway

Project - Carriageway